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Well, here is a short about us that you may know. I am David- David Valle, 37 years old, behind this HomeHoldz.com website main key person. You will happy to know that, I am a freelance filmmaker. I make short film based on my short stories.

And my wife is Ashley, 26 years old, the second key person of homeholdz.com. She is a physician of medicine.

We have two kids. Moana is our elder daughter and Abraham is our son. This is our family.

We love reading and traveling. Each month we do a short tour and each week we read 2 books. We love to do our home works by sharing basis because we have no servant. Ash and me, we both enjoy to do our home works.

If you are interested, you can read our family fun. Because we will share our family life experiences here.

Someday ago, we built our first home. So thoughts, we can share our experience with you. First, we will share about our home gate hardware list and the best tools. Because, if your home gate is not beautiful, your home look will not so good.

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